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Regimes for granting right to use hydropower in Europe

Listopad 2014

FSR Webinar


How is hydropower regulated across Europe?

Usage rights, the competition processes for granting them, and the arising joint obligations vary considerably across different States.

These differences might not be driven by efficient economic or environmental criteria and could introduce competition distortions within the European common electricity market.

Despite the European Commission has, over the last decade, opened several infringement procedures to prompt the implementation of competitive processes, European countries have not yet undertaken an integrated common approach:

Objective of this webinar are:

  • To shed light on state-of-the-art hydropower regulatory regimes in ten European countries
  • To study the actions of European Institutions regarding these regimes and their possible distortions
  • To discuss the need to create a continental level playing field for hydropower regimes


Vincent Rious is Vice President Regulation at Microeconomix in Paris and adviser of the Florence School of Regulation. He has recently published a policy brief on the topic of this webinar.

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