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Economic approaches in merger reviews

Kwiecień 2012

Conference on competition and regulation, Bangalore

Nathalie Daley, senior economist at Microeconomix, gave a presentation in the session “Mergers guidelines – new developments in merger guidelines and effects analysis” during the first annual conference on Competition and financial regulation held on 30 April and 1st May at the National Law School of India University in Bangalore. During this presentation, Nathalie focused on the economic tools used in market definition.

Nathalie presented the economic tools that can be used to define markets such as the SNIIP test or the critical loss analysis. These different tools are more or less adapted to a specific case depending on data availability and on the time constraints. They can also be combined in order to have a broader picture. She also discussed about the limits of market definition as what really matters in merger cases is the closeness of competition between merging parties. This is especially the case in differentiated markets and bidding markets where market shares are a poor indicator of the effects of a merger.

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