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Do Innovators need Regulators?

Maj 2016

ERRA Energy Regulatory Innovation Day

At the Energy Regulatory Innovation Day organised by the Energy Regulators Regional Association (ERRA), Vincent Rious, Vice President Energy & Regulation at Microeconomix was a panelist about Innovative business models and potential regulatory incentives for innovators, questioning whether Innovators need Regulators.

During the discussion, he develops three main arguments:

  • Innovators do not wait for regulators to be ready to innovate,
  • But innovators need regulators to adapt regulation so that innovations and associated services are efficiently provided, 
  • If no complete regulatory and market design revolution is needed, a constant adaptation of regulation and market design is necessary.

Fora between the stakeholders are then essential to reduce the overall knowledge asymmetry regarding the impact of innovation on the energy system.

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