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Comparative review of investment conditions for electricity and gas TSO in the EU

Marzec 2016

4th Feb. Cross-regional TEN-E meeting and 9th March ENTSOE internal meeting

Vincent Rious, Vice President Energy & Regulation, presented the report prepared by Microeconomix with BearingPoint for the DG Energy to study the investment conditions of TSOs in the EU.

He showed that until 70% of transmission investment in electricity sector could dramatically be impacted by the financial conditions of TSOs, even if they benefit from very favourable conditions on the financial market right now. Vincent also recalled that the regulatory framework is identified as the main driver of their financial conditions by most of stakeholders. Problems with this regard were highlighted and recommendations based on economic analysis and best practices were formulated to help and foster the debate in the framework of discussion for the future “market design package” this year.

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